Technical FAQ

How can I run docxtemplater-pro software ?

docxtemplater and docxtemplater-pro are all written using javascript, they run :

How do I get started with a module ?

After you have bought a license, you will get an email with commands to install each module you have access to.

How are the modules packaged ?

The modules are installed via npm, so you will do :

npm install --save <secret-url>

where secret-url is a url that will be unique for your account.

The files required to run in the browser are also bundled inside the package.

How can I use a module in the browser ?

All modules except the converter module can be used in the browser (for example, it is possible for the image module, slides module, html module, …), you can use the file present in the build directory of your module. That is for example, in the case of the html module :


How can I know when new releases come out ?

All modules have a page for retrieving the latest published versions available at :

How are the modules tested ?

All modules are tested with integration tests (using real docx/pptx documents), and cannot be published without the tests passing. The tests can be run by running npm test.

Can I transform docx to PDF ?

We have created a module that runs on servers and uses libreoffice under the hood to transform docx or pptx to pdf.

You can find it on :

Where is the issue tracker ?

The public issue tracker can be found at :

It is also possible to contact me via email (on the bottom of this page), for questions.

Edgar Hipp

I'm the creator of docxtemplater. I work on making docxtemplater great since 2013.