Generate docx and pptx with ease


Why use docxtemplater?

Super easy to install and set up

In less than five minutes you can install docxtemplater, create your first template and generate some docx from javascript objects or JSON

Works everywhere

docxtemplater works with nodejs version 0.10+, and in most modern browsers (Chrome,Firefox,Safari,IE9+). It also has a command line. If you like to be on edge and use io.js, docxtemplater works with it too

Full Documentation

docxtemplater has extensive documentation available at

Features many different types of tags

With docxtemplater, you can insert text, but also have loops and conditions : {#tag} {/tag}, the possibility to add custom xml {@xml} , loop over table rows, or insert images {!image}

Open for extension

docxtemplater is open for extension with its module system (image replacing is a module). You can also define a custom parser to process the tags the way you want.

Free as in beer

docxtemplater is and will always be licensed under the permissive MIT license.

Fully tested

docxtemplater has automated tests that run locally and at each git push, covering a huge amount of possible inputs and verifying that the output is correct.


docxtemplater has comprehensive documentation available at

If you have some general questions / bugs to report, please use the github issue tracker.

I also provide professional support for companies with an SLA. You can book support on

You can also find ready-made pro modules at :

Edgar Hipp

Hi, I'm the lead developer of docxtemplater and it has been more than two years that I started creating this project, still maintaining and developping it actively now.