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Get Started (Node)


npm install --save docxtemplater pizzip


First, download this tag-example.docx file and put it in the same folder than your JS file.

Then, copy the following code :

const PizZip = require("pizzip");
const Docxtemplater = require("docxtemplater");

const fs = require("fs");
const path = require("path");

// Load the docx file as binary content
const content = fs.readFileSync(
    path.resolve(__dirname, "input.docx"),

const zip = new PizZip(content);

const doc = new Docxtemplater(zip, {
    paragraphLoop: true,
    linebreaks: true,

// Render the document (Replace {first_name} by John, {last_name} by Doe, ...)
    first_name: "John",
    last_name: "Doe",
    phone: "0652455478",
    description: "New Website",

const buf = doc.getZip().generate({
    type: "nodebuffer",
    // compression: DEFLATE adds a compression step.
    // For a 50MB output document, expect 500ms additional CPU time
    compression: "DEFLATE",

// buf is a nodejs Buffer, you can either write it to a
// file or res.send it with express for example.
fs.writeFileSync(path.resolve(__dirname, "output.docx"), buf);

After running this code, you will get a file in the same folder called "output.docx" where the {first_name} was replaced by "John", the {last_name} tag replaced by "Doe", …

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