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Commercial FAQ

Can I get a free trial ?

We do not provide a free trial period, but we do have two week 100% money back guarantee. We also provide a live demo site which has multiple modules enabled, for example, you have a demo specific for the HTML module. On the demo site, you can also upload your own templates, so I think it is quite good to see if it would work well for your usecase. If something is missing on the demo site, we can show it to you with video conference at a time that works for both of us (send me an email).

What is the LICENSE ?

The license file is available for download here

How do I get the modules ?

Right after your payment (usually less than 5 minutes), you should receive an email with urls that allow you to do

npm install --save <secret-url>

Each of the version of each modules has a unique URL, so that you can point to one specific version so that nothing will break if you did not intend to upgrade.

Can I get a Promotional Code / Discount ?

I do not offer discount codes. The price is the same for everyone.

Can I still use the software next year if I stop paying ?

No. The docxtemplater PRO plan / ENTREPRISE plan / SINGLE MODULE plan / are for a duration of 1 running year at the time of the payment (from 16th August 2017 to 16th August 2018 for example). It allows to run the software in production for that period of time, and gives you access to all updates and support.

It costs 950 euros for one year. It cannot be canceled during the year, only after the end of the period.

If you stop using the modules, you don't have to pay anymore.

Whenever you subscribe to docxtemplater pro, you will get a unique URL that allows you to do npm install <secret-url> to install each of the modules. If after one year, you do not renew, the url expires and you won't have access to the package anymore.

Here are a few examples of what is possible :

Can I use the license for SaaS ?

Yes, the license model is suitable for Software as a Service businesses. As long as you are the entity running docxtemplater software, you can use the normal licenses.

After I bought the modules, can I get some technical support ?

Yes, if you have any issues with docxtemplater (open-source) or one of the modules, I will give you support without additional charges.

To have faster answers, please include the used modules, the template document, your JSON data, and code.

Can I resell your software ?

You are not allowed to resell my software, and I'm not interested in having resellers.

Can I redistribute docxtemplater-pro or entreprise to my customers ?

This is a common requirement for the "appliance" model, where you install you sell software to other companies. The standard license does not allow to redistribute the software. The Appliance license plan is 4500€ per year for PRO and 10000€ per year for ENTREPRISE version. It allows you to distribute the modules contained in the PRO or ENTREPRISE module as part of your application. You are not allowed to resell the modules as is.

Is it possible to upgrade from the PRO plan to the ENTREPRISE plan ?

Yes, that is possible, we make the upgrade easy and you won't have to pay twice. Lets take an example to make things clear.

The Acme Company buys the PRO module on January 1st 2018 for 950€ for one year. On July 2nd they wish to use the ENTREPRISE module which costs 2450€. In that case, the plan expiration date is extended to finish at July 1st of 2019, and the company will receive a refund via bank transfer of the "unused" days, eg the number of days between July 2nd and December 31. In our example, that would be 182 unused days out of 365, which is almost 50%, so the refund will be of 425€.

Similarly, it is possible to upgrade from a single module to a plan that contains that module (from single image-module to PRO for example). It is however not possible to switch from one module to the other.

What exactly is a Worker when using docxtemplater server-side ?

In the license terms, it is specified that you cannot exceed the maximum number of Workers authorized at the time of purchase. The ENTREPRISE and PRO plan, as well as the single module plans, each include a limit of max 100 Workers.

By the word "Worker", we mean the number of CPUs that are running docxtemplater-pro or docxtemplater-entreprise software. For example, if you use 4 servers in production that have the pro software installed, and they have 8 CPUs each (by running multiple processes or using nodejs workers ), the quota of used workers will be of 32 out of 100 which is the maximum limit for that license.

If you need more than 100 Workers, please contact us (email is in the footer).

What exactly is a Worker when using docxtemplater client-side ?

When you use docxtemplater client side, Workers are not the number of CPUs, but each user (real life person) that has access to docx generation in your application is counted as 0.1 Worker, which means if you buy the PRO license giving you a limit of 100 Workers, you are allowed to have a maximum of 1000 users with access to the features given by docxtemplater Modules.

Can you send me an invoice or a quote ?

Yes, you can get an invoice : To do this, please contact us and provide following information about your company :

You can also get a quote before purchase using the same information.

Can I pay for the software without credit card ?

I accept payment via wire transfer only if you buy the docxtemplater ENTREPRISE Plan (at 2450€ per year) or if the amount is higher than 2000€ per year.

For the ENTREPRISE Plan, you can pay without credit card by using bank transfer (I accept IBAN, and if you want to do a bank transfer from outside the EU, you will have to pay the additional fees).

Can I pay monthly or quarterly instead of yearly ?

The docxtemplater modules are bought on a yearly basis, no exceptions.

What support do you offer ?

For the support, it includes a response usually in less than a business day to each question regarding :

It does not include development of new features that take over 4 hours of work, or that are not generic enough to be used by other users of docxtemplater.

Legal Information

The legal information for the company publishing and its modules is :

Comparison between PRO and ENTREPRISE plans

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