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The chart module allows to replace data from an existing chart.

To use the module, you need to create a chart inside your Word document.

The paragraph after the chart should contain a tag starting with a $ sign, such as {$chart1}

Then, in your code, you can write :

  "title": "The lorem chart",
  "chart1": {
    "categories": [
      "5th Qtr",
      "6th Qtr",
      "7th Qtr",
      "8th Qtr"
    "series": [
        "data": [

For bar charts, area charts, radar charts, it can make sense to have multiple series.



Fix bug when using {$chart} tag in slide title : when the "{" and the "$chart" are internally not inside the same <w:t>, previously, the chart tag would go undetected (and the chart unreplaced).

First use the scope of the "chart" to set the title, instead of using the scope outside of the chart.

Meaning you can now write :


And in your data :

const data = {
    chart1: {
        title: "My custom title"
        categories: ["5th Qtr", "6th Qtr", "7th Qtr", "8th Qtr"],
        series: [{ data: [130, 20, 40, 10] }],

(Previously the title would then resolve to undefined.)


Make it possible to have multiple charts in one pptx slide.

Make it possible to put the {$chart} tag in the title of the chart


Use @xmldom/xmldom instead of xmldom, see this github issue


Generate files in built with correct filename In previous versions, the filename was always build/docxtemplater.js. Now the filename is error-location-module.js The .min.js file is also created now.


  • Initial version of the Chart module